iPhone 5 Screen Size VS. Huge Android Phones: Display Comparison

At this point, every tech enthusiast should have already wrapped their head around with regards to this little known gadget called the iPhone 5. Last September 12th, Wednesday, Apple shook the world of tech as the company finally announced the official follow-up to the iPhone 4S. When the iPhone 4S was launched last year, a great deal of people have aired their disappointment with respect to the fact that the 4S didn’t have the screen upgrade which they have been clamoring for. Well as it turned out, Apple was paying attention to such feedbacks because the fruit company has upped the screen size of the iPhone 5 from 3.5 to 4-inches.

Apple iPhone 5 4-Inch Screen
Upgrading the screen size is obviously a move by Apple to ensure that the iPhone 5 will continue to be a force to reckon with when it comes to the smartphone market. Android smartphones have displays that are relatively huge for quite some time now. Take for example the Samsung Galaxy S III’s 4.8-inch screen or even the Galaxy Note’s massive 5.5-inch display. It is quite obvious before that Apple need to put out a phone that can compete. With the iPhone 5, one can say that Apple is pretty much on track with regards to being competitive. So how does the iPhone 5′s screen stack up against other big-screened phones in the Android line?

A user in Reddit called pic10F206 has created an image that compares the screen size of iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4S and Android smartphones, namely the: Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Experia Arc S, and the Galaxy Nexus. The image depicts just how large the other Android smartphones’ screens are as compared to the latest iPhone. The red shaded part is the area that which is not reached by the iPhone 5′s display. Check out the image below:
iPhone 5 Smartphone Screens Comparison
So what can we derive from this? It is worth noting that the creator of the image didn’t use Android phone models which are more recent such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note which have far more larger screens. Or else, the red part would become more substantial. One can argue that when it comes to screen displays, the larger, the better. This is especially true when playing games or watching videos on the device. However, usability and comfort must be taken into account as well. The bigger the screen, the more it will become tricky to use the device with just one hand. Your thumb will have to constantly stretch and your grip must be adjusted as well in order to reach the far end corners of the screen. This problem obviously becomes more apparent if you have small hands.

Obviously, such factors will vary from person to person. Other folks will be comfortable with larger sized screens while there are those that would rather go with the not-so-massive ones. That’s why it is always best if you shop for your smartphone in person, so you can feel it in your hands and see how you like it. With the 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5, it seems that Apple has struck a healthy balance of screen real estate and functionality.

Source: http://jaxov.com/2012/09/iphone-5-screen-vs-huge-android-phones-display-comparison/

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Sharp delays start of iPhone 5 screen mass production

iPhone 5Despite an earlier assertion by Sharp’s CEO Takashi Okuda that “Shipments [ofiPhone 5 screens, to Apple] will start in August,” it appears things are not going as smooth as had been expected. On Friday, a person “with knowledge of the situation” told the Wall Street Journal that Sharp hasn’t started mass production of iPhone 5 screens yet.

The iPhone 5 is expected to finally to see an increase in the device’s screen size. Until now, every iPhone has had a 3.5-inch diagonal screen. The new iPhone will carry a 4-inch screen, but with a different aspect ratio that will allow Apple to keep the device smaller.

In addition, the iPhone 5 is expected to sport in-cell touch panels. A new technology, in-cell touch panels, which will allow the company to make the screens thinner, because the touch sensors are actually placed inside the color filters rather than atop them.

However, Apple does have other suppliers for its screens, including Japan Display Inc. and South Korea’s LG Display Co. Still, with one of its three suppliers having difficulty, it’s possible that Apple will have problems keeping up with demand when the iPhone 5 launches.

However, a shortage at the launch of a new iDevice is something most iPhone and iPad fans will recognize as “normal.”

Apple is expected to launch the new, larger-screened iPhone 5 on Sept. 12, with retail launch of the device on Sept. 21. It’s expected that iOS 6, its new platform version, will be delivered to older devices in the intervening week.

Other features expected in the new iPhone are LTE support, a larger battery, an upgraded processor, and much, much more.

Then, after the dust of the new iPhone launch settles, Apple is expected to introduce a new, smaller-screened iPad mini, with a 7.85-inch screen, sometime in October.

These two introductions (along with an expected iPad nano refresh and a new iPod touch) will give iDevice fans plenty to look at during the holiday shopping season.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/sharp-delays-start-of-iphone-5-screen-mass-production

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iPhone 5 Release Date Likely September 21

Next iPhone, aka "iPhone 5" leaked iLab picture

The next iPhone will be released for sale on Friday, September 21, a week and a half after the expected launch date of September 12, according to a series of reports fromTechCrunch.

This speculative release date is based on TechCrunch sources within AT&T and Verizon citing a store employee vacation blackout at both companies beginning on September 21 and ending September 30:

We’ve received yet another bit of evidence confirming the next iPhone’s September 21 launch. According to an AT&T sales rep, AT&T staff has been given a vacation blackout from September 21 to September 30, just like Verizon employees. Our source also mentioned that blue carrier employees are undergoing training for an “iconic release.”

September 21 is one day before the official start of Fall, which Apple has provided as avague release timeline for iOS 6.

The next iPhone (new iPhone, iPhone 5, whatever you want to call it) is expected to have a 4″ display and feature a taller chasis to accomodate the 16×9 screen. Multiple pictures claiming to be the device have leaked and appear to show a rather thin aluminum enclosure, available in both black and white. Other features are likely to include an A5X CPU, improved camera, and 4G LTE networking capabilities.

Source: http://jaxov.com/2012/09/iphone-5-screen-vs-huge-android-phones-display-comparison/

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